US history

Armored corvette "Galen" on the James River (Virginia) after the battle with the Confederates at Druris Bluff. 1862 At the level of the waterline, holes from the nuclei are visible.

Dead Confederate soldier next to Mrs. Allsop's house, Virginia, Spotsylvania, May 1864

New York, ships at the East River Docks, 1900.

On the Mississippi. Pier in Memphis. . Sidewheeler James Lee. 1900

New York. City Hall metro station. 1904

Van Canadian Government Colonization Co, 1905.

Chicago. A train at the Northwestern Railway Station, 1911

Washington (District of Columbia). Demonstration of an experimental army vehicle on tracks (model T). A collection of glass negatives by Harris&Ewing. 1920

Before the advent of radar. Sound pickups at Bowling Field, 1921

Members of the Ku Klux Klan are gathering in flight to distribute their campaign leaflets. March 18, 1922.